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Friday, September 28, 2012

Really a lot of Mycroft, plus SH vids and BC pics.

Cumberbatched moments:  Some gorgeous Guillambatch.  Starting SHARE sequence.  Yummy Batch photo set.

Audio Batch:  Performs reading for Friendly Fires album.

Fan art:  Mrs Hudson took my skull.  Sherlock says, Watch my bow.  Hey girl poster of Sherlock.

Have a giggle about the notorious Holmes-Watson gang.  (You thought I was making that up, admit it!)

A nice Queen fan vid, Sherlock: Don't stop me now by VernalWillow -- full of some of the most loving images of Sherlock in season 1.  Mmmm!

Which leads of course to Bohemian, I mean Sherlockian Rhapsody by lotrfan2888!

Slipped into the spoiler zone, 
as these cross from season 1 into season 2: do beware!

Oh, you knew I was going to carry on about MH some more.

The canonical introduction to Mycroft's position... The Diogenes Club -- "the most unsociable and unclubable men in town."

Let's discuss John's introduction to Mycroft in Study, shall we?

Or John meeting Mycroft in Great Game.  I'd really been looking at how Sherlock was right -- Mycroft had had a root canal -- but that's not the point there, was it?

In Scandal:  Sherlock, definitely grounded.

[Possibly spoilers] More theories and discussions about the brothers Holmes.  In canon and in BBC continued here.

Thanks to muchness of Mycroft to tumblr, particularly Enigmatic Penguin of Death, The Norwood Builder, and of course, IbelieveinMycroft, who truly introduced me to the others.  Bless you all, my fellow Mycroftians!

Fan art of Baskerville.  :D  "I am Sherlocked, therefore we are Sherlockids."

My friend Nika is a voice of reason on CBS' new take on... Sherlock Holmes.  And here's some thoughts on Holmescoming week.

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