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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pics, Johnlock, music, and... romance?

Cumberbatched moments:  Have a great night! solemn in black and white and if Benedict were a teacher.

If you had missed Martin's TV Tropes page, do read it.  If you hadn't seen some of the memes off tumblr, TV Tropes will guide you.  :D

Fan art:  Johnlock.  One of my very favorite bits from Sherlock to Mycroft, in Study.  Another flavor of Johnlock:  hacking!  Another Keep Calm poster.

Spoiler zone of season 2!

Fan art:  Watched Emmys... That Look from Sherlock in SiB.  More Scandal juxtaposed:  SHERlocked!

Screen cap from SherlockCares:  Mycroft, don't you have...?

A stunning Believe in Sherlock image!

Composer Michael Price about the secrets in the Sherlock music. 

Sherlock Holmes and the case of a new romance?  Benedict and Liv.

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