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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baskerville rewatch; Scandal next & Emmys today!

Did Baskerville rewatch until quite late -- joined by SherlockCares.  :D  I had a few breaks in there.  Twitter decided after I came back from supper that hey, no more Tweets for me!  Argh!

Then a half hour later, since I hadn't given up, Twitter surrendered.  HootSuite might even post the scheduled Tweets I tried to post around 10.40pm, who knows.  Maybe it's gone mad also.  o.O

Some favorite bits in HoB...  all in the spoiler zone!  

In the hollow:  There never was any--   This case, Henry.  What? 

At the pub:  Only you, Sherlock.  Hang onYou got it... Totally scientific.

Snark:  Calling Mycroft.  Shirts.  Both drug their friends.

Of all the eps, I had never watched HoB whilst on Twitter.  Decided that with Emmys coming up tomorrow, that must be ameliorated.

Sorry about any egregious link repeats this week. Some things weren't showing properly when I pasted them in, others didn't show up when I used the search in Blogger. Sometimes I'd use the right keyword and it'd sneer at me.

The search would sneer, that is.

I hate when that happens!

Tomorrow, 23-Sept-12, we watch Scandal.  Noon Eastern here in the States, 11am for Jakarta.  Check the time zone map here for your zone.  :D

Remember Team Sherlock is up for the Emmys tomorrow too.  Help Cat celebrate her birthday with Team Sherlock!

Benedict and Martin and, well, everyone's up for 13 Emmys.

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