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Monday, September 24, 2012

(Epic) Scandal rewatch and Emmys.

Emmy sightings:  Martin and Benedict in the California sunshine.  Chin!  Look to the far right.  Benedict inside the Emmys.  Special image for Team Sherlock!

Cumberbatched moments:  This man.  At the tea party.

Fandom responds strongly to Sherlock not winning at the Emmys, like this poster. Fast work, Benedict and Martin at the Emmys are already a poster!

Or clothes...  Epic fandom.  Speaking of clothes, how to make your own Sherlock coat!

Why only Belgravia was nominated.  Benedict on being nominated for BAFTA 2012.

Gorgeous poster of THE hobbit (Martin!) in The Hobbit.

In the spoiler zone of Season 2:  

I watched Scandal on and off much of today, starting in the early afternoon.  Twitter kicked me off for excessive Tweets multiple times.

This is why it's best for me to rewatch with others, else I end up spending many many hours on one ep.  =makes face=

A few clipped bits [if you only saw the PBS versions] from Scandal:  From BP.  That phone is--  Like royalty.  Danger night.  Has he...?  The reply.  John leaving 221B on NYE.  Ruining a very fine beginning.

Despite their 13 Emmy nominations, Team Sherlock lost, frequently [or mostly?] to HBO's Game Change -- which is admittedly an awesome and wicked brilliant movie.  But... not our Sherlock!

So.  Our mission, should we choose to accept it:  Turn the whole world in time for season 3 in 2013, so Sherlock can sweep awards!

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