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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sherlock and minions and...

Fan art:  Minions version, and the better armed minionsA bit not good, SherlockWhat your mobile wants:  221B!

Really Cumberbatched:  Ben in Sherlock costume but offscreen.  Sherlock smiles.  Ben dressed as Sherlock but with his own smile.  Suave in the midst of the Cumberswarm (monochrome).

Ben and Martin, in costume and on set, but this is not actually in Scandal; looks like they're discussing notes.

Not really a spoiler here either, looks like Martin and Ben in costume and on set for Baskerville...  except the pic is actually a manip.

Quote from Third Star:  A toast

Cumberbatch adoration and "the most glorious and elusive society" -- written 25-Oct-12.

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