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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teaser redux.

Screen caps from the s3 trailer-teaser:  Who's that?  Can you see...  Clearer versions of everyone as a "Coming Home" poster.  Just John with his new look.

Monochrome variation on the s3 trailer -- found via Twitter -- warning, this is going to give you major feels!  It's just brilliant.

Cumberbatched:  Gorgeous, cute, how does he do this???

Fan art:  The name's Sherlock Holmes.  Moments in fandom:  I just wanted...

Spoiler zone for Trek and s2

Fan art:  Trek mashup with Reichenbach, or STID/Johnlock.

Possibly some links are duplicates, but I'm posting them anyway, in case I forgot.  Apologies, if so!

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