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Monday, June 11, 2012

BC's birthday project and sundry delights.

More eye candy. Benedict looking quite spiffy and Benedict looking so young as to be jailbait (which he really honestly isn't) via @TARDIS_Doll. Another grand Sherlock poster, this time from that most excellent source of Sherlock candy, The Final Problem... telling us to believe in Sherlock. That belief is being documented everywhere.

A Sherlock cake!

Benedict Cumberbatch for Harper's Bazaar - My Cultural Life interview. Note that this sticks [too popular?] and it took me several tries to hear the whole interview; and Benedict, please stop mumbling or covering your mouth with your fingers, drat you. But the interviewer should have been more alert.

A lovely fan vid about the 2011 BAFTAs and Sherlock.

I think Mere Smith has summed up Sherlock's appeal exactly
. :D

Someone made an "I am Cumber Batched!" tee on qwertee, in the style of SHERlocked. I hope that idea goes elsewhere too, since Qwertee, alas, does one-day-only shirts.

The Save Undershaw book has its TOC out over at; see it here.

What happens with Sherlock cosplay on Twitter or FB? Well, this could happen. Thanks to my friend ‏@K_Estep13 for capturing that using Instagram!

Have you heard? Want to participate?? Only 4 days to go!

Thank you to all my friends on Twitter who send me things. I'm sorry that I've stopped marking "via" because Twitter images are hooked to names, although I must continue to keep track of Instagrams found through Twitter.

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