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Sunday, November 4, 2012

A vast amount of spoilery things.

I needed something that wasn't a spoiler here.  :D  Bless Final Problem for having it!

Shipping alert:  Sherlock's biggest pairings 'toon.

In the spoiler zone of season two:

Headcanon arguments.   Is not fandom wondrous?  :D

A Sherlock Holmes pilgrimage in Switzerland at Reichenbach Falls.

The Sherlock joke.

For more from our lovely fandom family, try Final Problem's tag Every Sherlockian family is Sherlockian in its own way.  Expect feels and laughter both!

Believe in Sherlock in Ohio (flashbacks to Study in Pink!).

Before the three words (for season three) came to us, Final Problem said this about the most evil word.

Moving into season three speculation...

A solution to the wedding clue.  Why not?  It sounds awesome.  Thanks to my friends on Twitter who pointed out the ring finger.  (I looked again t'other night at Baskerville; truth!)

Stop arguing about Mary Morstan and her dying.  What if we've seen the beginning of s3e1??

Moffat promises a puzzling climax to Sherlock's third series, from Radio Times.

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