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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Filming wraps on SH special!

Does this mean no more filming at all?  Possibly.  They're moving indoors, as far as we know -- or they ARE done filming.  Setlock's done for ShSpesh.

So you'll have to go through the many pictures, videos, blog posts, and so on.  Should be plenty!

No cast pictures today, but there's weeks of 'em.

Mild spoilers about the ep's theme from Sherlockology.  (I love Douglas's reply to Arwel's Tweet.)

There are a few spoilers in here from the wrap party, so they're masked.

Anythingbatch includes Ben Mangham's pic here.  Another "that's a wrap" Tweet with props.  Various members of Team SH chimed in with similar Tweets, from Douglas Mackinnon onward.

I have at least one more setlock post to come.  8)

Ruther2 is considering a Part 7 for his setlock storify.  Considering how long Part 6 became, that seems all sorts of perfect to me.

He's not the only one excited!  Ohhh, this hiatus is gonna be a killer.  Pray that the Beeb gets the special ready by Christmas as promised, eh?

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