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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Setlock: final weekend.

The marvelous Ruther2 has made Part 6 of his setlock storify.  Because he's just that wicked awesome.  But--

Warning! he's marked these as Sherlock spoilers... which really makes me suspect that the spoiler level is MUCH HIGHER than previous setlock (i.e., setlock from 30-Jan. and 31-Jan.).

She's back!  And doesn't she look lovely? I've been really hoping to see Una and very glad we got to at last.  Look who's with her too!

Ben, Una, Martin... it must be Christmas indeed.  Sherlock and John with and without green screen.  Our very dapper lads.  John/Martin smiling.

A sign and extras.  About the atmosphere.

Ben visited a hospital ward while filming setlock.

Isn't he cute in his setlock costume?  Smiling away, ahhh, Ben.  Looking very traditional, Sherlock.

Commentary from fans and others too:

Did he really?

Martin Freeman completely owns this moment.

Not what he expected.  An interruption.

Wrapping up today.  An average afternoon.  It's back!

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