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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Next dose of setlock.

Steven Moffat on Setlock: “We’re all genuinely very appreciative that people love our show so much” at Radio Times.

Moff talks about setlock fans without rancor -- remember that it was not Team Sherlock saying it ought to be stopped. It was news outlets:  Plain and simple fanbaiting by news outlets.  They wanted our attention.

Direct link to that tumblr here.

Ruther2 has updated his storify with Part 4.  ALERT:  Massive story spoiler appears in setlock for 31-Jan-15.  Really really major.

Amanda and Loo in costume.  :D  Amanda smiling at fans.

Martin in a famous moment here via tumblr. A random fact about Martin here.  And MIKE is on set!

Filming pics here, via tumblr (looks like Friday 30-Jan-15).

Amanda waving at fans.  Mark, Martin, Ben, and Amanda via tumblr (pics through the Mirror).

Different shoot, different costumes, with Amanda waving at fans.

Last thought for you:

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