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Monday, January 26, 2015

CP: Zurich art/spoilers.

Short interruption:  BBC Cabin Pressure was named Best Comedy of the Year by the BGA.  :D

The BGA article about John's awards is here.  I'm afraid I don't know what the third award is for, and the Interweb doesn't seem to be updated on it.  Yet.

Farewell Bear Facts - Zurich.  The real ones.  John posted them on NYE.

I am especially happy because I had been worrying about Douglas the most.  I love that John solved the theme for them all.  I hadn't even twigged to the fact that Herc and Carolyn did indeed need to solve theirs That Way.  But damn... this is a truly happy thing.

Transcripts for Zurich are on LJ or at the fan website.

You can still listen to s1 on BBC iPlayer; Radio 4 will do Douz next.  Abu Dhabi (s1 ep1) is on for another 12 days.  Tell your friends!  :D

I began setting up this post back when the Farewell Bear Facts were ending.  I elected to post this while the BBC iPlayer was finishing with Zurich (you have ten days left to hear Part 1!) -- and Part 2 will be available for 17 days.  Globally.  Enjoy, dear fandot.

Love, the Airport.

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