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Friday, January 23, 2015

TIG nominations; SH fan vid.

I can't keep up.  This is award season.  Just keep an eye out, I know I've missed things.  Ben got nominated for Oscars -- his first! -- for playing Alan Turing.

(Amusingly, the Guardian thinks Ben needs his own category in Alternate Oscars -- at the link's very end.)

The Imitation Game trailer at the Oscars' site is one I haven't seen yet, and it's really good!  TIG's got 8 Oscar nominations... pretty frickin' amazing.  Everyone I talk to recommends TIG.  8)

Fingers crossed for TIG, Ben, and Kiera to sweep the Oscars next month.

NPR interviewed Ben on Fresh Air; the link has highlights if you lack a half hour to listen to Benedict Cumberbatch On Alan Turing's Awkwardness And Sherlock's Sex Appeal.

The GLAAD awards nominated TIG too.  GLAAD Media Awards 2015: Sam Smith, 'Transparent' And 'The Imitation Game' Nab Nominations.

The SAG Awards are broadcast Sunday, 25-Jan-15.  TIG is up for three nominations, including Best Cast; Ben as Best Lead Actor; plus Kiera as Best Supporting Actress.

If you missed SH but were avoiding setlock, have a good fan vid instead.  :D

Sherlock outtakes by Katie: all s3, definite spoilers if you haven't seen 2014 yet!

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