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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

S4 setlock continues.

Setlock may appear less often than before.  (The 2014 shoot is only 5 weeks long.)  I'll continue to mask setlock to avoid accidental spoilers.

Remember that when it's from Team Sherlock, any setlock may or may not be masked depending on what it is.  Mark's is here because if you click on the link, then it's a lot easier to almost tell what the image is.  Embedded, it'd be smaller.

And here's the clip from Amanda's interview today about Sherlock and setlock.

But the Daily Dot missed entirely that Martin did not actually flip anyone off.  His umbrella was Photoshopped per tumblr -- that was a photo manip.  I've included their link for the setlock pics.

Cetain media outlets prefer to take words out of context, accept photo manips as reality, and claim fans mob the sets.  Just ignore the provocations and carry on.

Ruther2 has updated his setlock storify for 6-Jan. through 19-Jan (aka Part 2).  ETA: He's also added Part 3, to make it easier to read.

For some highlights, mostly Tweets, there's Warped Factor's Everything we know so far about the SH Special.  That's a digest with confirmations of cast members.

Collider has a 2014 interview here with Amanda (with spoilers!) about Sherlock s3/s4 and Mr Selfridge.  :D

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