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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Is setlock a set problem?

Martin made the news Monday in bringing up what setlock does to their performances.

His interview at the Independent on hobbits, Cumbermania, and... The Eichmann ShowRadio Times has outtakes here, but do read the full interview for context, please!

I admit that when Sue asked folks during s3 filming to let them film unimpeded, I agreed.  I still do.  Ben has mentioned that when they filmed Hearse, there were times that having fans there was not helpful... when you're doing something dangerous, like they were, you don't want anyone around who isn't part of cast or crew.

Will I keep posting setlock pics?  Oh, yes indeed -- odds are quite high.  But I do think fans could be asking "When can we come to filming?  Can you tell us when you'll be done for the day/night?"

Instead of just doing flash crowds.  That's like how people used to watch wars.  No, really, people did that, they'd show up in the 1800s and watch battles.  Like war was a show.

Human nature hasn't changed.  We're curious.  8)

I'll check a few times a week for setlock, but there's lots of other stuff involving Team Sherlock.

Also keep in mind that since Team Sherlock tends to announce things on Twitter, fandom is watching.  So this isn't simple; they talk to us, we talk to them, it's a shared issue.  Six of one, half dozen of the other!

"Keep your stick on the ice.  We're all in this together."

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