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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ben and Sophie: Valentine wedding!

Cumberbuddy's tumblr link to the ABC interview.  FYI: interview is NOT about the wedding.

Awww, I didn't know until the Interweb told me so: Ben and Sophie got married on Valentine's Day.

Sooooo adorable!

HuffPo's brief piece: Benedict Cumberbatch Marries Sophie Hunter.  Us Weekly has a longer article, but they don't mention that Tom Hiddleston attended.  Allegedly.  In case you were wondering.  :D

The Daily Mail had some fun with what (little) they knew of the guest list... or possibly they were desperate, as Amanda completely denied their claim that Martin was Ben's best man.

I think MTV wins for the best secondary headline however, for their little PSA-style article.
"Valentine's Day is even more special today."
Indeed so!  

The Telegraph has a long article with more on their private wedding... and except for the confusing final two paragraphs, I found Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter marry on Valentine's Day delightful.  :D

Two other non-wedding items:

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