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Saturday, February 21, 2015

TIG; 2015 Hamlet news; Oscars; online con!

lovely interview. :) It’s a Benedict Cumberbatch Moment: The Oscar-Poised Rise of The Imitation Game Star in Vogue, from 21-Nov-2014.

If the audience voted instead of the Academy...
Ben is presenting at the Oscars tomorrow, so that's something.  I'm afraid that the odds of him -- or TIG, alas!! -- of winning aren't too hot.  8(

Pssst!  ABC is streaming the Oscars live on Sunday.  Check the time zone map to make sure you're awake if you choose to accept this option -- and apparently it's only in certain parts of the USA.  O.o

Can't attend the Sherlocked convention in April?  [Me either!]  Pajama-con will be online during that same weekend (24-26 April) free.  Check it out, and please do spread the word, fandom.

Thank you!

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