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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Oscars and TIG; Rupert pics and Fargo; Ben's schedule??

Vids from yesterday: Ben visits Jimmy Kimmel (during Ben's honeymoon!) and talks about The Imitation Game, Alan Turing, and the UK petition (blog post) -- the petition itself is at

For a brief change of pace, have some s3 pics of our Silver Fox on the side.  Moving from Sherlock to Fargo...

In case you're wondering, no, Team TIG won no BAFTAs.  Sad that Ben missed out.  There will be other years {we all say with gritted teeth}.  I am unhappy that The Imitation Game got nothing, although I think it's great that The Theory of Everything got awards.

But the Oscars are 22-Feb-15.   May Team TIG be awarded several (8 nominations!) and naturally Ben too!

Ben's reaction to his Oscar nomination (Oscar vid/TIG trailer) last month is the first nominee mentioned in EW's article.  :D

Yesterday the Telegraph, speaking about the Oscar nominees, had this summary about Ben's schedule:
Benedict Cumberbatch probably has the busiest schedule in show business right now. He’ll reprise his role in the next TV series of Sherlock, play an adulterous husband in Gary Oldman’s Flying Horse, voice a talented author in animation Magik, and play state senator Billy Bulger in Black Mass. Further ahead, Cumberbatch has been cast as a troubled army veteran in The Yellow Birds, a supernatural Marvel hero in Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange, and in a Jungle Book remake slated for 2017.
No wonder Ben got married last weekend!

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