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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This week is mostly setlock!

Three Patch Podcast: Spoilercast 24 -- not putting the title here, it's a clear spoiler.  No, really.

Strangely enough, this pic of Sue Vertue doesn't look like a spoiler, despite being setlock [possible safelock?].

It looks like this week's filming is major spoiler time, so be very very careful of whatever you look at, setlock-wise.

Smirking Ben, errr, Sherlock in costume.  He looks nice here too, despite coat over costume.

Rupert! in costume.  (More of Rupert can be found at GravesDiggers.)  Amanda in a new costume.

Both Ben and Martin in costume via blackstarjp's tumblr; here's more of Martin and Martin with... canine companion.

A bird's-eye view of... somewhere we know well.  Another such view before it was entirely dressed.  Guess who's in residence?

A little graph summary of setlock and the SHSpesh.

Since I just began mentioning the Three Patch Podcast more often, they have transcripts here.  [You could volunteer to help them out with older eps that lack transcripts, you know.]  Go check them out, but remember that Spoilercast means exactly that!

For more setlock (and speculation on the Christmas special!) there's Red Runner's new tumblr, copper--beech.

Ruther2 has updated his setlock storify to Part 5.  For just two three days, mind!

They're not filming today, but they're back [per signs] Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Yep, off Friday too, as far as we know.

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