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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Safelock, then setlock.

Radio Times offers us the Sherlock's Louise Brealey and Beryl Vertue on 'kind, well-informed and considerate' Setlock fans vid (same vid embedded in post).

Well, if you're in London, you may as well know where filming is.

(Would I go if I were there?  Well, I'm rubbish with cameras, but I probably would to hang out with lots of other fans, and see Team Sherlock.  Naturally.)

Hmm, apparently no one is posting safelock.  Probably because there isn't much!

This Tweet probably is far more setlock [SPOILERS!] than safelock, and it's definitely major teasing from Mark.

Expect everything else to be pretty much setlock, my dears.

Yesterday, Silvia posted some of Ben's New Look as SH on tumblr.  Her setlock tag is here.  Various pics, including Ben in a top hat! and Ben and Martin, both in costume, off guillam's tumblr.  That user's setlock tag here.

A new character.  8)

Three ladies that a Tweep would like to know the names of.  Please pass it on and see if we can find out: thanks!

Pictures from the Bath Chronicle.  Pictures from the Bristol Post, which includes crowds and/or pics of John Watson.

I love how the businesses around the SH filming seem to be enjoying it a great deal -- certainly the various people are!

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