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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 1 setlock: bits 'n' pieces.

This setlock appears to be from Day 1 of filming (I hadn't seen most of these, however.  They may only be on tumblr) from nixxie-fic's tumblr.  I've included the Tweet I found this in, since I had major problems with my browser when I had this screen open originally.

Mark also posted setlock on Wednesday; warning, it is NOT a good image, so do not be eating when you see it.  Apparently he was having a gruesome day?  Unless it was in reaction to Paris?  8(

Martin's in this last pic... and someone else we know is in the third one.  :D

From 8-Jan-15 and onward:
Here's khorazir's tumblr for Things I spotted... found via this Tweet.

Ruther2 updated his Part 2 storify after 8-Jan-15.  Much is being kept under wraps -- and since it is January, they may wisely be doing most filming indoors.

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