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Monday, January 12, 2015

Cumberbomb Mark 2.

Maybe you already saw the new Cumberbomb?  8)  Silvia has the full video version on her tumblr.

I was lucky, I decided to watch the awards and got to see this happen.  As soon as I saw the North Korean spoof-skit go over to Meryl Streep, I could tell exactly what Ben was gonna do.  (Vine slo-mo version in this Tweet.)

Actually, I thought then that perhaps the hostesses had planned it with Ben... but it's hard to say.  I'm sure someone will ask Ben.  Eventually.

[ETA:  Ben videobombs his costar Allen Leech at Golden Globes as well!]

Also, Ben did the first award presentation with Jennifer Aniston (via THR.)

And Billy Bob Thornton won Best Miniseries Actor too, so Team Fargo took home two Golden Globes.

I wish Martin and Ben had gotten awards for Best Actor, but alas, they didn't.  Next year!

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