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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

SH special: S4 setlock!

Happy birthday, Sherlock Holmes!  And happy days to fandom, because filming is today.

I'll be collecting pics of S4 setlock here, starting with the Sherlock Special.    They'll be masked in most cases because they are spoilers.

I don't consider certain things to be spoilers, however.  The venues where they're filming.  Official news from the cast and crew.

Setlock pics:  Any fans near the UK probably know by now that they're filming in Bristol.  You can always check out Ruther2, who tracks setlock as well.

Sherlockology, the Baker Street Babes, and Cumberbatchweb won't be posting unofficial setlock...

Sherlock’s Andrew Scott up against Sir Ian McKellen for top radio award at Radio Times.

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