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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hawking this weekend!

A brief interruption to your scheduled programming... the BBC's Hawking will air this Saturday, 10-Jan-15, on the Discovery Channel at 10pm.  In the States and also the UK, it looks like.

Ben starred in this 2004 biopic, and it's rather hard to get hold of.

Today is also Stephen Hawking's 73rd birthday.

THR has a short article about all this.  Sunday 11-Jan-15 is when the Golden Globes air, putting The Imitation Game up against The Theory of Everything.  The 2004 Hawking (Ben) will compete with the 2014 Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) as per EW.

Vanity Fair has a piece about Stephen Hawking himself.  Since it discusses James Bond -- which also means Andrew Scott, who's in the next Bond film, although that's not mentioned in the article at all, alas! -- that brings us back around to Team Sherlock.  How convenient!  :D

(The other reason I mention all this is that Ben's an ambassador for ALS since Hawking.  Fandom has been heavily involved too.)

I do not know whether Ben will be at the Golden Globes or not.  He may not because of filming Sherlock...

He was interviewed about the awards per THR.  That's to be aired Friday 9-Jan-15 on NBC.

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