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Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween candy: the Special!

Herein be spoilers, so if you are avoiding all news of the 2015 Sherlock episode, aka the Sherlock special, this would be a post to skip.  Entirely.

For the first time ever, PBS viewers and BBC viewers get to see Sherlock on the same day, i.e., New Year's Day 2016.  Mark your calendars, fandom!

There are some lovely pictures in that link, so I've added it for us all to savor.

As per usual, I will not spell out spoilers.  I'll mask spoilers here until probably late January and/or early February.

That's after this ep has come out, since not everyone gets to see every thing on the Interweb and the big screen at the same exact moment.

However, if you move past the cut, you have willingly entered into the land of spoilers.  Things Moffat has admitted up front, and/or things Mark has dropped via Twitter, and/or the rest of Team Sherlock, which includes crew, cast, and everyone else official.

The title for the 2015 episode is in the trailer, so I've added it to my tags.  Enjoy!

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