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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Report: Tweeting Sherlock.

Sunday, the rewatch of TBB went for about 3 hours.  This killed Netflix for one watcher and the DVR of another.  I stopped at 45.00 minutes into TBB.

I think it was the longest it took me for part of an ep. 

Lots of fun. 

Next rewatch:  Tuesday, 7-Aug, 2pm EDT, I think that I'll start with the second half of TBB.  If folks join in, we can finish it -- or switch to Study.  Unless there's calls for Scandal.  :D

Here's time zone links if you want to see what your time is compared to mine

Folks in the Eastern Hemisphere will be anywhere from 6 to 12 hrs away from me then.  So late evening or early morning.  

I can't quite coordinate myself to schedule for both Asian and European Tweeps at once; sorry!  I think this Tuesday will end up being a European/New World watch.  I'll be sure to sing out on Twitter. 

But--!  I can coordinate another rewatch this coming Saturday for anyone in the Eastern Hemisphere. 

It'd start at 11.30pm for me here: on Saturday, that'd be 10.30am in Jakarta -- 11.30am in Shanghai -- 1.30pm in Melbourne... 9.30pm in Colorado and 10.30pm in Chicago.

Taking bids on which ep for Saturday, 11-August, on Twitter or here in comments.  :)  Feel free to join in! 

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