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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Sunday of Sherlock Holmes Week!

I knew you all missed Moriarty, so here he is.  And Alex's adorable pic of Martin (mislaid yesterday, sorry!).

A Sherlock tumblr that lists fan fic.  Looks like a mix of shipping and non.  Also crossovers.

Geek Girls Network:  Sherlock Is a Great Show, or, Why Benedict Cumberbatch Wants Me

Cumberbatched:  Sherlock on his cellBenedict dressed as Sherlock and on set, but very much during a breakBenedict, curly and ginger, against pink background, oof.  A slightly... vulgar Benedict poster -- which led me to Scoop.It!

LOTS of links about Benedict here at Scoop.It!

The Sherlock fandom... breaking the fourth wall.  :D  Things John never said in Blind Banker.  

For today, the last day of Sherlock Holmes Week, the recording of the live event. 

After this point: Spoilers for The Hobbit.

SPOILERS for The Hobbit, Movie 3.  These are theories, rumors, and also things confirmed by Peter Jackson.  You have been warned!

Ohhh, so love who is cast as Radagast the Brown.  Love love love!

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