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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mostly Cumberbatched; Sherlock rewatches.

Cumberbatched:  You've been Cumberbatched, right?  Your replyThe cute look from That Interview of many cute looks.  Keep Calm poster.  Benedict doing the deduction jazz hands -- okay, maybe not -- at an interview.  Sherlock being gorgeous (and rather ethereal).  A daily dose of Cumberbatch photoset.

A notice from Benedict poster.  Seeing a familiar face...

Benedict Cumberbatch and Louise Brealey appearing at The Cheltenham Festival in October.  Amazon will be selling a 2013 Sherlock calendar: no image available as yet!

SPOILER ZONE:  Note that some of this rewatch falls into season 2 [Scandal] so it is technically spoilery.  I did not include any Scandal quotes here that aren't in Great Game, however.

Rewatch:  Tuesday I did several Sherlock eps with Live Tweeting.  We began with Blind Banker, finishing the second half of it off.  Later I managed the entirety of Study.

And then, at last, I did the first half of Scandal, stopping after the violin.

For future rewatches of season 2 only, if you haven't got certain equipment, there are options. 

Next rewatch is this Saturday 11-August, starting in my evening -- timed for folks on the Pacific Rim.  Anyone can join in, but do realize that's what I'm aiming the times for. 

You can find the Sherlock pic spam (screen caps) and transcript links in the Sherlock candy sidebar of this blog.

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