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Monday, August 6, 2012

Projects for the Sherlock writers, and divers other things.

Audio Cumberbatch:  Benedict singing a snippet -- thanks to MK Hey (of the Sherlock candy) for letting me know about this!  Benedict also reads Silverwing; here's the first clip of that, and a YouTube search for the rest.  He does voices.

Cumberbatched moments:  Benedict on holiday.  A photoset of Benedict wearing a grey suit.  Benedict looking very Sherlock and intense.  Lovely PBS BatchSoulful lookDancing on set of Sherlock.

Arguing with the shippers 'toon:  You tell 'em, John!  Just ignore Sherlock, I always do.  ;P

Benedict Cumberbatch And His Paperclip Necklace video.

Project Mofftiss, as well as the Steve Thompson Project for the third Sherlock writer -- who gave us TBB and RF. 

The best UK drama of 2012 is Sherlock per CultBox.  A Sherlock quote poster from Study.  Knitted Sherlock!

Also, in case you had questions for CBS' Elementary, enjoy these; maybe they match yours!

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2.

A report on the Sherlock Holmes week.  :D  This is under the spoiler tag because of a reference to Reichenbach. 

Two Reichenbach fan vids inside link.  One or both may make you cry.  Another Sherlock fan vid.  These all use Coldplay's Fix You.

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