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Friday, June 8, 2012

Extra serving of visuals.

First Mycroft, urm, Mark Gatiss with a bit of evil imagery -- if you click on the pic, the comments there are funny too. :)

Image, or a very short argument about watching Sherlock. I like especially what the scene's from. Go, our BAMF John!

A poster/card of Watson, Sherlock and Lestrade. I love this creator!

No spoilers inside! Moffat interview on Season 3.
My favorite line: "Sherlock Holmes is off battling Captain Kirk and Doctor Watson is helping Gandalf and I’m in the Tardis..."

Another poster, this one of Benedict and Loo Brealey
. :)

Swag! This Believe in Sherlock shirt's pretty good.

For fans of Benedict and Frankenstein, but who didn't get to see it... there's a Frankenstein DVD petition going on FB.

Did John make you cry enough at the end of Reichenbach? No? Here's a poster of those final words, which she gave me after I admired her door of posters.

We don't have enough posters, do we? ;) I love it when people start making them to go along with a hash tag. :D Here's a LOTR Benedict poster.

Or this zinger poster, which makes me crack up (even though I really don't feel this way, I grok). Also, there's never enough of Benedict as Sherlock flipping things. :) Case in point: Sherlock Flips Everything. Because. :D

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