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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Links despite the 'Net.

Stole the first two of these from :) If you haven't been there yet, it's a very fun site. Such as You Must Know: Benedict Cumberbatch.

You've got to love a review that starts with:

I'm not at all in favor of government regulating television any more than it already does, but, really, someone ought to pass a law demanding that PBS offer more than a paltry three episodes a year of the crazy brilliant "Sherlock" series on "Masterpiece Mystery!"

The #ReplaceSherlockQuotesWithPancake is still going on Twitter: see?

(Poor Twitter, I don't know if it was the Tigers beating the Yankees tonight or what, but it's been going up and down. So I can't harvest links from there so easily; of course, the Interweb's been a bit flaky for hours, so who knows.)

About 12 hours ago, I found this image that @twirliegirly sent to @The_Whip_Hand. :)

A nice pic of Benedict -- it's always nice to persuade tumblr to work when bandwidth's all wonky! -- and then there's always Andrew Scott's BAFTA.

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