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Monday, June 4, 2012

Links, links, links; oh yes.

Brilliant Sherlock poster from @WorldOfJoeRiggs.

One brief Benedict interview ("slightly bemused").

I've seen this first pic -- it doesn't appeal to me -- but some parts of this Celebitchy interview of Benedict are just a riot. I haven't followed the embedded links yet (give me time). The winning comment is here. :)

A BigDamnGeeks! review about Sherlock. Teaser about Benedict's role in Star Trek 2 in there.

Sherlock posing in Baskerville
, a la Byron.

Because I was on the PBS Sherlock website today (great picture there!), I saw this interview with our boys, all of them. I'd missed this before, and it's good. They had Q&A: Benedict Cumberbatch too, oh my. I hope he finds his sweetheart soon. Third Benedict interview through PBS, from The Independent.

From @MrHallowBastion comes another Sherlock poster which I quite like. A pic of Benedict (why ARE you wearing a jacket over a coat?) with a fantastic background wallpaper via @GeniusSherlockH.

A fun blogger who's got addicted to Sherlock [ETA, there are Fictional Character Battles at that blog, which Sherlock tends to win... for some odd reason] and has some pics I hadn't seen; plus, this 'toon of Batman and Sherlock Holmes [alas, link broken as of 7-Feb-15].

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