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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Palace to Palace and Cheltenham (naturally).

Some bits from Cheltenham via This Is Gloucestershire.  A Cheltenham photo set ("Top 4 Benedict pics").

Another source of Cheltenham videos, from romangirl88, with the intro:  Benedict being insanely adorable.  (He says, "Mark's not coming??")

Cumberbuddy:  So this happened.

Lokke's tumblr is still cheering about The Cake, and rightly so... and the Tweets are now enshrined forever in tumblr; yay!!!  :D

Benedict and the hedgehog.  So that's what happened!

Radio Times has been doing various excerpts from Cheltenham, such as Benedict explaining "Why I'm not on Twitter."

Cumberbatched:  Comfortably seated.  On yer bike!  Another case of Wavy Blond Batch.  Pretty Batch, very James Bond here.

Dear people without fandoms poster.

Team BC has raised over £16,001.08; let's make sure Benedict's teammate Adam reaches his goal too!  Please support Adam!

Benedict is past his goal of £10,000 as of 9-October-2012.  The Palace to Palace cycling is 14-October.  Benedict on why the charity is important.

Trish points out that Americans can use PayPal if you're having any trouble using the webpage.

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