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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Keep calm, fandom.

... because you know he is.  (In January 2014 if you watch PBS.)  Check your local listings, nearby countries, and possibly Amazon too until the BBC announces their programming schedule.

And I wager John's fist is ALLLLL ready for that day!

Many thanks to the fantastic Lokke for letting me use her picture.  [I have the best Tweeps EVER.]  Here it is on her tumblr.

This is the Lokke who made The Cake btw.  Yes, THAT Sherlock Cake.

The Cheltenham Lit Fest cake that James Rhodes teased Benedict about... on Twitter.  I wonder if James emailed the pics to Ben?  Bet he did!

Psst!  She made Sherlock wallpaper cards too.  Check 'em out!

Yes, this mini-CheltLitFest 2012 reunion brought to you courtesy of Twitter and tumblr.  The InterWebs thank you.

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