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Sunday, October 27, 2013

What did Benedict do lately?

Well... he was on the Graham Norton Show Friday 13-Oct-13.  With Harrison Ford.  (Pics here via Radio Times.)  Which I haven't hadn't seen (yet!), but it's on Youtube.  Right???  [ETA:  Yes, I did see it yesterday, and no, I don't have a link for entire show. Yet.]

That day, Ben was interviewed on the Today Show -- and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon -- and I've lost track of what else.  All in one day, mind you!

I think Ben was going for the gold medal in "I never sleep, do you?" Olympics.  Seriously.  How many shows did you DO in one day, Ben? you're insane.  ("You're just getting that now?")

What I do know?  Oh, he did this last week:

Got on the international-only cover of TIME Magazine.  (TIME got some good and bad responses to that, including a wailing bunch of American fans; gosh, we Yanks are greedy beasts!)  Link to the article's intro here.

We got another brilliant Cumbercupcake response to the TIME cover, which TIME duly noted in a followup article -- and loved, btw.

Oh, and Ben made people go wild on Reddit.  But that's another post.  Because this is getting long.  A post about what Ben did in one day is liable to take up more time in the retelling than in the doing...

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