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Friday, November 1, 2013

Martin and Andrew; Little Favour and Ben.

My golly!  Little Favour got into Esquire!  Yes, THAT crowdfunded indie movie that Ben and his friends made!! News via Much Ado's tumblr.

They also have an article about Ben and fans... "Why Women Love Benedict Cumberbatch."  Start of Esquire Weekly article here.

Some Tweets from Adam Ackland about the first laurel for LF, and our thank-you, and here's the first pre-order day (includes 3 of the 4 producers' names).  Here's the stats roundup from Laura, both specifics and general stats, who is keeping track of the WorldWide CumberCollective Orders.  Best Campaign Slogan EVER

There is a map of countries who can order Little Favour, and those who want to get it.  Make sure to Tweet and get added!

Ben is everywhere!  Here's his mocapping as Smaug via Sherlockology.

Andrew Scott did a thank-you vid to supporters wishing him happy birthday.  Also via Sherlockology.

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