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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pictures; one mild setlock.

Consider these images my birthday presents to you in Ben's name.  I know his birthday is 19-July -- happy birthday, proud new papa Benedict! -- but I'm not up on which new birthday charities are happening.  Alas.

You can always check the 2014 charities; some of them are ongoing.  Consider Batch of Kindness, for one...  And particularly ALS, as Ben's an ambassador for them and many many others!

Warning!  One setlock pic included from the 2015 Christmas special.  Not a major spoiler, but a nifty pic to be sure.

Pretty pictures from attending Media*West in May.  I couldn't get the one scan to rotate, so I split it so you could read everything.  It is the flyer for the Sherlock party.  8)

This flyer really has lovely fan art, not screen caps.  Wish the resolution was better so you could tell! 


This last image is from a fellow fan at Media*West -- who kindly emailed the pic to me.  I had not seen ANY pics of Andrew during filming, so I hope if you have [or haven't!], you'll pass this along to others.  Thanks!

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