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Thursday, January 16, 2014

S3 incoming, America-- and about s4.

The Beeb says you have 3 days left to watch s3 -- The Empty Hearse, The Sign of Three, and His Last Vow -- on the BBC iPlayer.

This Sunday, 19-Jan-2014, is when PBS officially airs The Empty Hearse, at 10pm EST (-5 UTC).

Please, if you're in the States or Canada, watch it on PBS!  I want them to get a better eyeball count -- or watcher count, if you prefer.

The UK has a really good idea of who watched BBC One for s3, and who livestreamed the eps.

C'mon, we want them to know how much we want to see Sherlock!  Because then Mark and Steven and SteveT can start writing s4...

I don't think they really have enough time to start filming s4 properly -- hell, I doubt any eps are written yet!

The BBC is already pressuring Team Sherlock to get s4 ready for Christmas 2014.  That's too early.  They all need to eat, sleep, and do other things.  Really.  Doctor Who for Steven and Mark alone, ffs.

And Ben's already got a pretty full slate for 2014 (Hamlet!).  A dear friend agreed with me... having s4 be amazing like s3 -- is far better than having a sh!t season.

We don't want s4 to be rushed.  Do we?  I want Sherlock to keep getting exponentially better.  Like it has been doing.  For Team Sherlock is mighty, and we love them -- and they love us too.  S3 is proof.

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