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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mostly s3 spoilers.

Intriguing post about PBS, its audience... and torrents.

Everything else, expect spoilers.  I've tried to mark them, but I may have failed.

A bit of s3 ep3 setlock:  major spoiler!!

Props from wearsherlock:  the mobile phones in s3.

Even though the wearsherlock giveaway in this post is now closed -- sorry! -- I'm linking it here because it's got a great note at the bottom.  However, that means:  spoilers from s3 ep2.

S3 spoilers inside!  Sherlock will continue until BC gets too famous:  Ben and Moffat.  Also Q-and-A with Moffat right before s3 came out.

Some spoilers.  Collider interview with Benedict about s3, s4, trading notes with RDJ.  Who Ben is a fan of, remember. 8)

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