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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Correction! 9.58pm, not 10pm for PBS.

I didn't remember to update this earlier -- sorry!  I was watching PBS last week, waiting for Sherlock to air, and didn't know why it was showing... early.

PBS is showing each s3 episode at 9.58pm ET
Sunday 19-Jan-2014
Sunday 26-Jan-2014
Sunday 2-Feb-2014

They're also playing a Twitter game during the show, from 9.58-10:30pm, so check out WGBH to find out more.  Hashtag #SherlockPBS.

So make sure if you're taping it that you tape earlier.  Please do your best to watch the show or tape it on PBS, because the more American watchers, the more PBS will know how much we adore Sherlock and do their damnedest to get s4 for us!  

And maybe, just maybe, PBS can persuade the BBC to let us watch at the same time, eh?

Pssst!  PBS was impressed with how many fans turned out on 19-Jan to see The Empty Hearse.  Record high:  4 million, 25% more than for the premiere of s2.  Go fandom go!!!

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