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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Radio Times, s3 spoilers, s4...

Radio Times wants to update you on Sherlock s3 -- and s4.  Here's a quick gleaning of some of their recent articles.  8)

Season 4:  early?

And of course here are the s3 spoilers!

On kissing--

Bringing back... a mistake.  I agree; not only because it's against canon, but because there's other lovely possibilities in canon that I think our resident trolls are going for instead.

Killer revelation about [rest of article title redacted due to s3 spoiler]

So yeah.  MM must get slain in next season.  Inevitable, really.  It's that or... or... well, this is AU anyway.  One hopes Mofftiss doesn't cheat.

OTOH, if Team Sherlock can write us another ep like The Sign of Three -- all three writers together! -- we will die.  So I'm looking forward to that possibility.  8D  Aren't you?

Sherlock, dear, we gotta stop letting you be seen outside door peepholes.  It never ends well... never.

Bonus:  Ben's NTA acceptance speech video is also at Radio Times.  

(And apparently everywhere.)  Because SHORTS!  Bwahahah.  

Again, darling Ben breaks the Interweb.  Like he does.  ;D

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