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Sunday, December 15, 2013

With s3: Please consider your fellow fans. xo

Sue Vertue has requested that everyone who saw the premiere of s3 ep1 not spoil TEH for anyone else.  Can we do that??

Please, do remember not all fans get to see s3 at the same moment!

Today was a tiny handful of fans.  1-January-2014 is when the UK and any nearby countries who can watch BBC One see TEH.

19-January-2014 will be when the USA airs Sherlock s3 ep1 on PBS.

I don't know when YOU get to see s3.  Amazon tells me that I can't have the DVDs until February 2014, so I'll be rushing home Sunday night on 19-January!

So... consider your fellow fans.  Mark your spoilers with warning labels; obscure spoilers, tag them, hide them inside links if at all possible.  PLEASE.

Because we're all waiting for these guys.

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