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Saturday, April 20, 2013

All pics...

Just Cumberbatched:  Had my eye on you.  BabyBatch smiling.

Sherlocked:  Good night -- looks like BC posing from s1.  Sherlock where Jennifer Williams is found.  At microscope in kitchen.  From TBB.

Martin looking spiffy in shades.

Need a laugh?  Try this animated gif off Gita's tumblr for Backstage/The Pool -- which I call "the bet"-- it's very funny.

Remember that I do not consider ep titles to be possible spoilers, but to you they may be, so I don't spell them out; they're hidden behind links.  No setlock in this post.

And they have finished filming ep 1 of season 3.  (Note that that means a LOT of other work starts now; adding sound and music, the video editing, all the stuff we really take for granted but which is excessively important.)  So -- with name of the title revealed (in link) -- now onto ep 2!

A funny bit of fan art ... of Deduction.  Playing off canon.

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