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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sherlock trends :)

And if you thought we Sherlockians were all just obsessed, today there was a new variation on the amusing: Or, how to make Sherlock trend in a whole new way just for our own amusement!

Of course there were more, and it was trending first in London, then worldwide. Because it's funny.

Considering how more of the world got added to the fan bucket of tears, I'd say this is a perfect response as Twittering goes.

I thought I would just watch. =eyeroll= Naturally not. Too much silly, and very fun.

And I have a quote page open, that I kept harvesting from, sometimes more successfully than other times...

Against that, the Sherlock finale made Germany cry last night. We should have sent out shock blankets!! @Sherlockology reported that Reichenbach Fall aired and was trending for 8 HOURS afterward.

One funny post-BAFTA image. :D

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