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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A grab bag: visuals &c.

Some vids from SherlockCares, such as You're Gonna Find Out Who Your True Friends Are, Sherlock -- and did you need something to help you out of the Reichenbach angst? Try this comedy vid.

A Benedict moment from the BAFTAs Sunday. He looks very James Bond. Dapper.

Back in 2010, after I first got bitten by the Sherlock bug, I read up on divers articles, interviews, and reviews. This one really struck me about how life-changing it is to become a big star.

Didn't play the pancake game on Twitter? Here's a collection, and then a tumblr variation. :D

If this fanart (direct link here)  doesn't become very popular in many places, I will be very very surprised.

I have got to keep track of this shock blanket. It is perfect. Kudos to @annebakerbooks for two marvelous images.

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