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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another clutch of links.

If you hadn't known how Sherlock fandom feels about BAFTA today, here's another glimpse.

After the awards is another thing, however.

From tumblr, John's cycle. :/

Two character vignettes of Sherlock and John from Baskerville.

If you happen to get upset because of the PBS edits shortening Sherlock, The Baker Street Babes address this while offering a list of Scandal cuts. Listen to them, please.

And if you're a Yank like me, give PBS money and tell Congress to reinstate their funding!

And in other news, I caught up on The Final Problem tumblr -- past the Reichenbach blueprint, which, if you still want to know How?!? is your go-to place for Ye Olde Magick Trick a la Sherlock. There be Theories there.

I am glad that our tumblr host has thought about these things. I'd noticed the one gunman at Bart's, who I call Seb Moran, has a bit of Sherlock's looks. I hadn't noticed the possibility of Bizarro!John, however; I'd tried hard to see That Ringer in the Yard, and it was bothering me considerably.

That also tells me something about Sally. First, I know folks who aren't watching the PBS versions are seeing More Scenes, but I was wondering how Sally's dislike by itself jump-started the arrest. "Unbelievable" seemed to have a lot more behind it... because it did.

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