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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Major theory candy!

I take it back. I got caught up on the Reichenbach blueprint itself -- huzzah to The Final Problem tumblr, you are mighty! I did not yet get through all of the Theory index. This, trust me, will take you some little time.

Highlights from there today:

Sherlock Flips Everything

The really long game of Moriarty: Did you realize it was this complicated? I didn't! OMG.

Why was it so important Watson believe? Short answer: Staying alive. AKA "Sherlock can be an ass"; also see who called John about Mrs. Hudson?

A good zinger about Sherlock's sentiments.

Also thanks to TFP, news about Moriarty which is not a canon spoiler, however, some current fans may consider it a spoiler for Season/Series 3.

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