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Monday, August 27, 2012

Successful Reichenbach rewatch!

Today I rewatched Reichenbach with my friends @sherfanlok and @JaedenDoran.  We had a blast!

Went from 2.05pm through 4.05pm EDT. 

And begorrah, we got through the entire episode!!!  That's almost a miracle.  Every previous time I've done a Sherlock rewatch and Live Tweeted it, it's taken about 3 hrs for half an ep.

Beware:  SPOILERS for Reichenbach!   One quote in this post has spoilers; otherwise, the only spoilers are inside the music fan vid. 

Various watchers chimed in, but I didn't catch up with Nika or Nikki until after I finished watching.  (There IS the Reichenbach crack music video over at SherlockCares for those with feels!) 

I was watching/listening but busy Tweeting -- so I backed up a few bits, making me the slowest rewatcher! 

Thanks everyone who watched and enjoyed, and for all the RTs, along with the RTs from @FabBakerStBoys and @Gengenbach_RT.  :D  Therein be more spoilers/quotes, trust me.

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