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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fan vid recs, some Reichenbach Support Group, and BC pics.

Miscellaneous Benedict pics -- Benedict in uniform in Parade's EndHawking screen shots

Cumberbatch moment:  Goodnight, all.  Plus:  My Sherlock sticker display.  :D

All my recs for fan vids are in the spoiler zone...

Except this one:  BBC's Sherlock - "Hot and Cold" by chavivi86.  Definitely a vid my shipper friends will really like.  (I did.)  Alert:  Some swearing, and either it's Johnlock or Sherolly, could go either way. 

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2.

Believe in Sherlock found in Oz!  Do we not have the very coolest fandom?
Sherlock | The Scientist by mcrazedperson...  Strong to likely chance of causing feels! 

Coldplay seems very popular with Sherlock fandom! I'm getting so The Scientist brings up Sherlock images in my head now, just like Fix You. :d

BBC Sherlock-Best (funniest bits) of Belgravia by crystalrose289.  :)  Liked it, but the sound won't go very loud -- but we're fans, we know all the words anyway!

Mixed eps
Both of these vids have much overlap. You may want to watch them with considerable time in between:  Sherlock ♣ Hey Na Na by jennablack... Short, sweet, and funny!  Reichenbach Medicine by deductism... Also funny! 

My notes for this are "much RF, ow! GOOD" for Sherlock fanvid, The Scientist by Coldplay by strangeangel75.

My notes say "Sugar! Funny Farm!" for A Study in Song parody by chakaraqueen.

Considering that I have done something like 6.4 posts weekly since I reactivated this blog, I am sorry about not being around for half a week... but I'll be back 4-Sept. 

And we are planning on doing a Sherlock rewatch during Cheltenham -- and the Emmys are coming up!  Another good time for a Sherlock party on Twitter, during the American evening of 23-Sept.

Not that there is ever a bad time for a Twitter party, unless something huge like the Olympics crashes Tweets.  Catch-- you-- later!

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