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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Because "it's what you like--"

This post in a nutshell:  Oscars 2014, BBC Sherlock, Cabin Pressure, COSI.  Not in that order.

Den of Geek, bless 'em, point out that (just possibly) s3 IS what we like! in Sherlock, Shark-jumping, and the Casual Viewer.  Beware s3 spoilers.

I would tend to agree.  It's been an awesome series.  Even with the gripes I have for Some Things.  8)

Goodbye, dear Cabin Pressure:  "This week, Zurich!"

We shall love you forever... and play the audio over and over and over and over... and hook everyone who hasn't heard CP yet into listening (and thus ensuring their future addiction).

Trust me on that last bit -- I may have persuaded a BN customer rep recently, which isn't bad, all things considered.  8)

ETA:  This is the news on the future airing of Zurich, as of 12-Feb-2014.  Might be Christmas 2014.  But Zurich will be 45 minutes long...  Yay!

As John Finnemore says, fingers crossed that the Beeb releases it sooner, eh?  Note that that link includes a short audio clip of Carolyn training Arthur!  8)

Psst!  I hear that some guy, his name is Benedict something, is gonna be doing this show...

So... that's gonna crash the Interweb this Sunday, I'm sure.  Mark your calendars.

Sunday, March 2
The Academy Awards ceremony (The Oscars) 2014

Bonus:  COSI hosts the International Exhibit of Sherlock Holmes through 1-Sept-2014.

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